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Una perspectiva culturalmente específica: la historia de la Institución de Servicios a Hispan@s

September 21, 2022
El objetivo de este informe es compartir los aspectos destacados de las sesiones de escucha llevadas a cabo por Esperanza United (el centro de recursos latin@ designado de forma federal sobre la violencia de género y proveedor de asistencia técnica para el Programa de Campus de la Oficina sobre la Violencia contra la Mujer del Departamento de Justicia de EE. UU.) en torno a cómo las Instituciones de Servicios a Hispan@s (HSI) abordan y responden a la violencia doméstica, la violencia en el novia...

A Culturally Specific Perspective: The Hispanic Serving Institution Story

September 21, 2022
The purpose of this report is to share highlights from listening sessions conducted by Esperanza United (the federally designated Latin@ resource center on gender-based violence and a technical assistance provider for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women Campus Program) around how Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) address and respond to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking on campus. This report also serves as an overview of the definitio...

It’s On Us Engaging Men: National Sexual Assault Attitudes and Behaviors Overview

August 19, 2022
The National Campus Sexual Assault Attitudes and Behaviors Research Project collected information on the types of prevention programming schools are conducting, as well as their effectiveness, reach, and possible gaps by using an exploratory qualitative method to better understand the experiences, attitudes, and behaviors of young college men. A benefit of qualitative research is its ability to explain behavior that cannot be easily quantified by allowing participants to detail their experiences...

It’s On Us Engaging Men: National Campus Sexual Assault Attitudes and Behaviors Research Report

August 19, 2022
There is an urgent need in higher education to research prevention education programming that educates and empowers young men to be a part of the solution to sexual violence on college campuses. It’s On Us partnered with HauckEye to conduct a first-of-its-kind qualitative study exploring the attitudes and perceptions of male-identiyfing students and their likelihood to get involved in the prevention of gender-based violence on campus. The Research Project collected information on the types of pr...

Our Stalking Program

July 27, 2022
Signs of Stalking Most stalking is done by someone known to the victim, such as a current or former partner. Yet some victims are stalked by complete strangers. Stalking can include a wide array of behaviors: Does someone always seem to be just around the corner when you are going to work, are out with friends, or in your neighborhood? Does someone keep making unwanted phone calls to your home or work? Do you find signs that someone has been in or near your home, your car, or your workplace when...

Sexual Assault Resource

July 27, 2022
​​If you are in immediate danger, CALL 911 ​Safety Alert: Please try to use a safe computer that someone abusive does not have direct access to, or even remote (hacking) access to, such as a computer in a public library, at a trusted friend’s house, or at an Internet Cafe.  Also, traditional “corded” phones are more private than cellular phones or cordless phones. ​Statistically, one in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually assaulted by the time they reach the age of...

Prevention Links

July 27, 2022
Whether you work in the field of sexual violence prevention or are just interested in creating healthier communities, here are some key resources that may be helpful. What is Prevention? At its core, prevention is about stopping sexual violence before it even has a chance to happen. These resources can help you become more familiar with prevention and key prevention theories. Primary Prevention Primer (NSVRC, 2016) This short e-learning course introduces users to key prevention theories and cont...

Campus Sexual Violence Resource List

July 27, 2022
April 2022 marks the official 21st anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month — but did you know we can trace its history even longer? Even before its official declaration, SAAM was about both awareness and prevention of sexual assault, harassment, and abuse. Looking at the history of the movement to end sexual violence, it’s clear why: It’s impossible to prevent an issue no one knows about, and it’s difficult to make people aware of a problem without providing a solution. The two work in tan...

Toolkit for Preventing Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking in the Community College Context

April 6, 2022
The Toolkit for Preventing Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking in the Community College Context is designed to increase the capacity of community colleges to prevent interpersonal violence among students. It is organized in nine steps: Reflect on Past Efforts Identifying Your Community Identify and Engage Stakeholders Identify Needs and Assets Select Programs Tailor Programs Plan Your Evaluation Implement Programs Evaluate Progress and Share Results The tools included...
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