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Dating Abuse and Harassment Among Sexual and Gender Minority U.S College Student

June 4, 2024
Sexual and relationship violence has devasting effects on the health and well-being of college students. This study assessed the prevalence of dating abuse victimization and harassment among sexual and gender minority (SGM) college students within the first 3 months of college enrollment and identified potential demographic differences in exposure. Read More

Silencing the Rainbow: Prevalence of LGBTQ+ Students Who Do Not Report Sexual Violence

June 4, 2024
Previous research on sexual violence suggests that there is a higher likelihood of students from LGBTQ+ community experiencing sexual violence and not reporting it. This study investigates various types of sexual violence experienced by the LGBTQ+ students and the prevalence of reporting it. The study further determines why different types of sexual violence are not being reported. Read More

The Changing Nature of Gender in the 21st Century

June 4, 2024
The last decade has seen a generational shift in how gender is lived and viewed. Refuting the common assumption that gender can be reduced to female and male, many members of Gen Z identify as nonbinary and use pronouns other than “he/him” or “she/her.” This report analyzed data from the Common App, the online admissions form used by more than 1,000 colleges and universities in the U.S., to consider how college students today are identifying their gender and pronouns. Mor...

Strategies to Create an LGBT-Friendly Campus

June 4, 2024
Asking the questions and considering the best strategy is the first step to creating a safer, more welcoming campus community for LGBTQ students. Use this resource to begin your process and to hold your campus accountable for LGBTQ safety. Read More

Violence Against Asian American Women Is Rooted in More Than Just ‘Hate’

May 10, 2024
This toolkit encapsulates insights drawn from 15 qualitative interviews with AANHPI survivors of campus gender-based violence, as well as advocates supporting them. Through diverse recruitment methods and stringent selection criteria, the interviews aimed to encompass a wide array of AANHPI experiences. Acknowledging the immense diversity within the AANHPI community, the toolkit distills key themes and recommendations aimed at enhancing resources, services, and policies on college campuses, with...

Queer and Trans Asians and Pacific Islanders: Strengths, Resources, and Barriers for Preventing Domestic Violence-Related Homicides

May 10, 2024
This report delves into an exploratory qualitative research initiative, the QTAPI Project, which investigates risk and protective factors for preventing domestic violence-related homicides among queer and trans Asians and Pacific Islanders (QTAPIs). Through detailing our research methodology, findings, and insights, we aim to shed light on this crucial issue. Explore the full report by clicking the button below to discover actionable recommendations derived from our learnings. Download Toolkit

How Technology-Facilitated Gender-Based Violence Impacts Women and Girls

April 5, 2024
Globally, approximately 736 million women — almost one in three — endure violence at least once in their life. The most prevalent form of violence against women globally is intimate partner violence (affecting around 641 million). However, this problem goes beyond interpersonal relationships and reaches into diverse environments, including online platforms. Online violence against women and girls has escalated rapidly in recent years, posing major threats to safety and well-being. Read More


April 5, 2024
Deepfakes are AI-generated, realistic content that can be used for extortion and manipulation. While the growing digital world presents room for opportunity and creativity, it has also given a new approach to violence that women are the primary victims of. Learn more about deep fakes, gender-based violence in the digital realm, and how to protect women in the world of AI.
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