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Community Collaboration for Comprehensive Campus Sexual Violence Prevention

October 17, 2022
For colleges and universities to effectively address and prevent sexual violence, collaboration with community resources, including local rape crisis centers, is essential. This web conference addressed specific examples and research related to collaboration to strengthen sexual violence prevention on college campuses. Drawing on the recent report UC Speaks Up: An Assessment of the Climate for Sexual Violence Prevention, Education, and Response on Three University of California Campuses this web...

Bridging RCCs and LGBTQI+ Communities to End Rape Culture

October 17, 2022
LGBTQIA+ activism has been central to upending gender norms, and in so doing, challenged long held beliefs of dominance, power and control, and gendered identities. As a result, LGBTQIA+ communities are ideal allies with the anti-rape movement in the fight to end sexual violence. This web conference is for advocates who provide services, support, education, and so much more in the LGBTQIA+ community to co-create an understanding of how sexual violence can be eliminated through collaboration with...

Faith Centered Approaches to Fighting Sexual Violence

October 17, 2022
Culture and community are an integral part of a victim/survivor’s support system following a sexually violent experience, and spirituality can be an essential part of someone’s healing process. While it’s important to acknowledge that many survivors do not choose to lean into faith to cope with trauma, those who do greatly benefit from a strong relationship between sexual assault providers and spiritual healers. Faith traditions and communities are diverse and so is how they approach addressing...

Campus-Community Partnerships: Coordinating a Comprehensive Trauma-Informed Response to Sexual Violence

October 17, 2022
Sexual violence on college and university campuses is a complex issue requiring collaboration and integrated approaches to support survivors. Approaches that engage the entire community in addressing sexual assault on campus are essential. Partnerships between various campus programs and departments and community-based resources help ensure access for members of the college community, including those who have experienced sexual violence, to much needed resources, strengthen the accountability of...

Know More, Do More: Recognizing and Responding to Stalking on Campus

October 17, 2022
Stalking is a prevalent, dangerous, and often misunderstood on campuses. This web conference session will explore the dynamics of stalking on college campuses, focusing on the highly contextual nature by discussing common tactics used by offenders, stalking’s co-occurrence with intimate partner and sexual violence, as well as tools to plan for victim safety and hold people accountable. Watch Webinar

Restorative Justice: Exploring Alternative Ways of Achieving Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors on Campus

October 17, 2022
Sexual assault survivors have long desired alternatives to the criminal justice system which often leaves them feeling unheard. Accountability for those who do harm is the core of what survivors want. The Restorative Justice approach provides survivors with an alternative justice process that depends on an acknowledgement of harm from the perpetrator from the beginning. It facilitates communities coming together for collective solutions to address sexual violence. Spanish recording: https://yout...

Engaging Campus Athletes in Sexual Violence Prevention and Response: A Look at Resources and Policy

October 17, 2022
Campus athletes often hold social power and influence on campuses and are a key audience to preventing sexual violence on college campuses. Engaging student-athletes and campus athletic staff brings its own unique partnership challenges. Join VALOR on this web conference to learn about current resources and policy for reaching student-athletes for sexual violence prevention and response. Watch Webinar

Advancing Equity Through Collaboration: Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault

October 17, 2022
Since the 2000 passing of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), many organizations who previously had little or no interest in forced labor and who had otherwise held no anti-oppression principles realized the value of the anti-trafficking momentum to further their own agendas. Because of this, many anti-trafficking organizations claiming values of survivor-centered, trauma-informed, and empowerment-based programming engaged in coercive intervention and other strategies that did not cen...

It’s On Us Sexual Assault Awareness & Consent Education 101 Workshop Powerpoint

October 17, 2022
I Owe You Consent is Christina’s survivor story from It’s On Us. She is a former student and current survivor activist. She shares the story of a night when she did not consent to any sexual activity and the effects that night has had on the rest of her life. Play Christina’s video at the training, a sporting event, and any place where you have an audience. Download Presentation
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