Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Center for Changing Our Campus Culture

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is about more than just words—it’s about action. Students will be working with faculty and staff to organize activities and programs to challenge their peers to start a conversation, join the movement, and support efforts to make college campuses safe for everyone. The photos below are just a few of the campaigns and events sponsored by colleges across the country.

Even though Sexual Assault Awareness only lasts a month, the work to prevent sexual assault on college campuses continues throughout the year. Students, faculty, and staff are dedicated to year-round work and advocacy to change the culture on campuses across the country. Check out the fact sheet and article below for more information on some steps your campus can take today.

Prevention tips for medical professionals

Sexual violence is a significant public health issue with long-lasting effects on individual and community wellness. This fact sheet provides information about sexual assault and how health care professionals can prevent and how health care professionals can prevent and respond to sexual violence. Together we can build a community working to prevent sexual assault.

Strategies for becoming an adult ally

Adults’ attitudes and assumptions about young people can sometimes get in the way of effective communication about healthy sexuality and collaboration for sexual violence prevention. Stereotypes about youth might discourage adults from taking young people seriously and valuing their experiences, ideas, feelings, skills, and contributions as leaders and agents of social change.

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