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Culturally-Specific Issues and Minority Serving Institutions

Minority Serving Institutions and Cultural Competence

Esperanza United

With nearly forty years of success, Esperanza United leverages the strengths of Latin@ communities to end gender-based violence. Founded and led by Latinas, we ground our work in listening to the community adapting to meet their changing needs. We work with the community, other service providers, and systems to ensure Latinas, their families, and our communities receive culturally relevant advocacy and quality, appropriate, and effective resources.

UJIMA, The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community

The name Ujima was derived from the third principle of Kwanzaa, and means Collective Work and Responsibility. As an organization, they understand the need to mobilize and heal their communities from the inside out. They utilize this principle to empower service providers, policy makers, advocates and the community-at-large to address the unique challenges faced by the Black Community as it relates to violence across a broad spectrum.

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