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Campus Climate

RTI International

TTA specialists from RTI International are available to provide targeted training and technical assistance to Campus Grantees on assessment and evaluation strategies, specifically using campus climate surveys (CCS). We are equipped to help answer questions on various aspects of the CCS planning and implementation process, including the following:

  • Garnering administrative support for survey implementation
  • Refining research questions and goals for CCS
  • Student sampling to meet research/evaluation goals (e.g., representativeness, minimizing bias)
  • Instrument design and adaptation (e.g., length, content, validity, considerations for special populations)
  • Strategies for the provision of survey incentives (e.g., types, amount, delivery)
  • Data collection approaches (e.g., timing, recruitment, software, data capture and security)
  • What to do with the data once it’s been collected

We are available to help address questions you may have about these topics and other CCS-related issues. If you are interested in receiving CCS TA, please contact us at campusclimateTTA [at]

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